1. What are Long Term Disability Benefits?

The IWA - Forest Industry Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan provides a monthly benefit to members who have exhausted their short-term disability benefits and who are unable to work because of a continuing disability. The plan covers illness and injuries that occur both on and off the job and provides you with income while you are disabled. The LTD plan will provide support while you are recovering and, if appropriate, develop an active rehabilitation program tailored to your individual needs.  You will also receive extended medical benefits, dental benefits and the LTD Plan will pay your MSP premiums.


2. How do I apply for LTD benefits?

Contact the Plan Office. Since each situation is unique, it is best to get in touch with one of our LTD Benefits Clerks. They can determine if you are eligible to make a claim, and give you the information you need to make your claim. Choose Contacts from the menu at the left for how to reach us.


3. Once my claim is approved, when will I start receiving LTD payments?

LTD payments will start once we have received proof of your last payment of Employment Insurance sick benefits from Human Resources Development Canada, or a rejection letter stating that you are not entitled to such illness benefits.
If your LTD claim is filed late (more than 90 days following the expiration of your Qualification Period), Trustee approval may be required before your claim is accepted. This could cause a delay in the processing of your claim.


4. Once my claim is approved, when will my ancillary benefits coverage begin?

Dental, extended health and provincial medical (MSP in BC) coverage will start the first day of the month which follows your LTD eligibility date. If your eligibility date falls on the first of the month, your ancillary benefits would start on that day. Late filing rules also apply here, as explained in the answer above.


5. If my WCB wage loss/income continuity payments have ended, how do I get an LTD application kit?

First, contact the Plan Office. We will require a letter of termination from WCB confirming the start and end dates of your benefits.  If you have been pensioned by WCB, we would require the termination letter and details of your pension award.


6. When are LTD payments made?

Once a month, on the last banking date of the month.


7. How long can I receive LTD benefits?

As long as you remain disabled under the terms of the LTD plan and meet all requirements of the LTD Plan, your benefits continue. Your benefits will terminate no later than the month of your 60th birthday. There are some special circumstances under which members over age 60 can apply for and receive LTD benefits. Please contact our office for further information.


8. Do I receive extra money if I have dependents?



9. If I get a CPP disability pension or WCB pension, will that affect my LTD payment?

Yes.  Any CPP disability benefit or WCB pension payment are deducted from your gross benefit.


10. Can I have my LTD payments deposited directly into my bank account?

Yes...however, not all members are entitled to this option. Please contact the LTD Plan office to see if you qualify for this option. If you do qualify to have your cheques directly deposited, you can choose the Forms option from the left-hand menu to get an Electronic Funds Transfer form. Once this form has been completed and returned to our office, your next payment will come by direct deposit. Please allow a couple of days for processing. If your Electronic Funds Transfer form is submitted after the 15th of the month, you will have to wait another month before the switch will be made from payment by cheque to direct deposit. 


11. Am I able to change the amount of tax deducted from my payment?

Yes. Please contact the Plan Office or choose the Forms option from the left-hand menu, to get the TD1 2002 Personal Tax Credits form. The minimum tax rate is 10%, as stipulated by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.


12. What is the highest dollar amount I could receive as an LTD payment each month?

Effective July 11, 2016, the maximum gross monthly payment is $2,300, less any applicable offsets (for example, CPP Disability benefit or WCB awards; plus taxes withheld.)  Please contact the Plan Office for further details concerning the IWA - Forest Industry Pension Plan benefit offset.


13. Why is my monthly LTD benefit different from what a friend of mine gets?

Your LTD benefit entitlement depends on various factors, including your date of disability, your LTD eligibility date and the contribution rate paid by your employer.

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