The forms below are available for all members of the IWA–Forest Industry Pension Plan. Completed forms can be mailed and faxed to the Plan Office. As we cannot guarantee the security of any information that is emailed to us, we strongly advise against emailing forms and other personal information to us. Personal information includes: your address, date of birth, SIN, health insurance number, as well as medical and other confidential information. If this information is breached, it can be used for identity theft and other types of fraud. If you aren’t sure whether it is safe to send something to us via email, give the Plan Office a call first.


To make sure that you are viewing the latest version, verify that the 'last updated date' listed in the table below matches the date identified in bottom left corner of the form. If the dates don't match, try refreshing your browser or clearing your cache. Contact the Plan Office if you have any questions.

Banking, tax and address change forms

Pre-retirement forms

Retirement forms


Marriage breakdown forms


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